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GreenLight Solutions is seeking passionate students to join our growing team of Solutioneers!

GreenLight Solutions provides students a unique opportunity to become influential change agents within their local business community.  Through partnering with local organizations, the GreenLight platform provides professional engagements with real world businesses, project management experience, opportunities for personal leadership and an experiential education that goes way beyond the classroom.

GreenLight currently has active chapters at Arizona State University and Mesa Community Colleges; to bring GreenLight to your college, email info@GLSolutions.org.

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Interested in applying sustainability to your organization?

Collaborate on projects with bright students at Arizona State!

Do you represent an organization in the community that is seeking to incorporate sustainability into your practices? Apply to work with talented students at Arizona State University and measure your benefit across a broader spectrum of impacts.


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Do you have a particular industry expertise or skill set that you wish to share with student leaders? Are you passionate about helping students be successful and make an impact in the community?

Donating your time to guide students with their sustainability projects is one of the most rewarding ways you can support GreenLight!





Are you a college student looking to start your own GreenLight chapter on your campus?

Or a faculty member interested in experiential learning opportunities for students?

Interested in building a team to create sustainable solutions for local businesses?

                    If yes…contact the GreenLight Solutions Foundation! We are working hard to connect students to resources and toolkits to start their very own GreenLight Solutions chapter at their college or university.

If you are an interested student, faculty/staff member, business leader, community member, or stakeholder please contact us at info@glsolutions.org





To learn other ways you can get involved, please email info@glsolutions.org

stay sustainable ;)