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GreenLight Solutions Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates experiential learning opportunities for university students by connecting them with local organizations to collaborate on sustainability projects. We recruit purpose driven students and connect them with businesses, then they work together to design, plan, and execute a sustainability project using our proprietary project process. Our students become Solutioneers by engineering solutions for organizations during their time spent in GreenLight university chapters. Solutioneers graduate with the relevant hands-on experience necessary to catalyze meaningful change throughout their professional careers.  Our founding chapter started at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability in January of 2013, and our alumni-led nonprofit organization was incorporated in July of 2015.


Creating sustainable business solutions through student-led projects.


A sustainable world catalyzed by students and business leaders.


This is how Solutioneers describe GreenLight Solutions…

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What is sustainability, anyways?

Sustainability is one of those buzz words we hear often nowadays, but what does it really mean?  The truth is, sustainability can mean many different things, to many different people, in many different contexts, at many different times.  In short – it’s complex.

When GreenLight was first getting started back in 2013, our core founders collaborated to come up with three general statements to guide our own “sustainability” work…


How does GreenLight define sustainability?

Sustainability is contextual and must be considered by each person or organization within the context of purpose.

Sustainability is broadly about promoting the healthy coexistence of all species on Earth, managing our utilization of natural resources, and mitigating potential detriments to current and future generations.

Sustainability is individually about becoming aware of how people economically exchange value, interact with the environment and resources, and respect and appreciate one another. 


 Because sustainability cannot simply be put in a box, GreenLight Solutions Foundation also recognizes and supports the following related definitions & statements:

  • Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 

    Brundtland Report, 1987

  • “Sustainability is improving human well being and ensuring social equity for present and future generations while safeguarding the planet’s life-supporting ecosystems.” 

    -Chris Boone, Dean, School of Sustainability at Arizona State University

  • “Sustainability is a concept with as much transformative potential as justice, liberty, and equality.” 

    -Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

  • “Promoting human prosperity and well-being for all, while protecting and enhancing the earth’s life support systems.” 

    -Board of Directors, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU

  • “Sustainability is an awareness of the connectivity of the world and the implications of our actions. It is finding solutions through innovative approaches, expanding future options by practicing environmental stewardship, building governance institutions that continually learn, and instilling values that promote justice..”

    Charles L. Redman, Founding Director and Professor, School of Sustainability at ASU

  • “Living in harmony with our social and natural environment, based on a sense of justice and equity.”

    -Sander van der Leeuw, Foundation Professor, School of Sustainability at ASU

  • “A capacity of ecosystems to maintain their essential functions and processes, and retain their biodiversity in full measure over the long-term.”


What does sustainability mean to you?


A Solutioneer is an individual passionate about improving our community and our planet. Through hands-on projects, student Solutioneers learn how to create sustainable solutions to the myriad of challenges we face in today’s ever-evolving world.  By collaborating with local organizations, Solutioneers obtain relevant, applied experience which complements their studies.  GreenLight Solutioneers gain project management skills, professional development, and the knowledge and confidence to effect positive change throughout their careers and beyond.


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