Sustainable Vision for Montessori School

The Shaw Montessori school project team’s Fall 2016 semester vision is to develop a comprehensive plan to remodel the entrance of the school. The entrance of a school is important, as it is the first impression a visitor gets of the school and the first things the students see as they begin their day. Our mission is to improve our local community by implementing a sustainable permeable paver system to mitigate flooding of the area as well as beautify the entry space in order to create a more positive atmosphere for learning. Our main objective is to develop a plan by which the school can implement our ideas. The development of our plan will be from a sustainability perspective. We hope to create a plan detailing the most efficient construction and upkeep of the welcome plaza with positive environmental impact, and in order to fund such a project, grant acquisition is a necessity.  We will network and engage with professionals in the field, faculty at ASU, our project partners, as well as students and parents of the school in order to ensure the success and longevity of our project.

Hillary Junglas,  ASU VP of Operations


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