Measuring the Impact of Solar in the Valley of the Sun

Solar City is a national leader in residential, governmental, and institutional solar energy systems. The company recently merged with Tesla to serve their common vision of renewable energy for all. By provide cleaner and cheaper energy to buildings here in the Valley they are incrementally increasing our independence from volatile external sources of energy and increasing the ecological health of our region. When energy consultants attempt to communicate the benefits of rooftop solar they first have to catch people up to the latest technology and ownership plans on top of describing the increased resilience sustainability. Our team of Solutioneers were approached to help facilitate this conversation between energy consultants and homeowners. We envision an interactive multimedia web page that contains intelligible visuals populated with real time data that depicts the local impact of choosing solar here in the Valley. Our mission aligns with Tesla and Solar City, renewable energy for all.

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-Grant Falvo + GreenLight Project Team

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