Spring ’18 Success + Showcase Invitation

As the Spring 2018 semester draws to a close, GreenLight reflects on club successes. In this semester alone, GreenLight was awarded over $2,500 in funding from ASU for on-campus events and marketing efforts. We also have received a Distinguished Student Organization designation for the 2017-2018 school year. This designation places GreenLight in the top 14 (out of over 1000 total) Student Organizations at ASU for the second year in a row.

In total, six student-led sustainability projects worked throughout the semester to develop solutions for local organizations. We’re worked with local community farms, educational startups, local nonprofits, and more. Each of these student groups will be presenting their project work and findings at our semester-end Solutioneer Showcase on April 12th. Not only that, we will also be celebrating our 5-year anniversary of sustainable solutions with GreenLight at ASU! Information on the event, as well as registration to attend, is available here. On behalf of the whole cohort, and the Leadership Team, I invite you to enjoy an evening of networking, learning, and fun!

Aaron LaCourse
ASU Chapter President
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